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Cypress Tiki Bars & Huts

Quality, handcrafted Cypress Tiki bars and huts are versatile and can be added to a variety of settings. Cypress tiki bars are enjoyed in many places including hotels, resorts, restaurants and backyards. They enhance any area and help to create a true paradise atmosphere. Please click links below for more information about Cypress Tiki Bars, Huts and furniture.

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About Cypress Wood...

Cypress is as beautiful and distinctive on the inside as it is durable on the outside. Due to the slow growth, the rings are much closer than in most wood species. These close rings tend to make cypress more energy efficient, and decreased shrinkage makes it more durable and stable. Cypress has a natural preservative oil known as cypressene which gives the heartwood resistance to insects and decay. With a suitable surface treatment, cypress generally has superior durability, holding paint well and resisting weather. 

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Pentagon Cypress Tiki Hut 4x4 Tiki Bar
Pentagon Tiki Bar 4' x 4' Tiki Bar 4' x 6' Tiki Hut 4' x 8' Tiki Hut
Cypress Tiki Hut - 8' x 8' Cypress Tiki Hut - Custom! We can sinks, TV, speed rails, refridgerators and more! All Cypress Tiki Hits come with sh;eves, ceiling fans and rope lighting for that tiki effect! Cypress Tiki Chairs Tiki Huts
8' x 8' Tiki Hut Custom Tiki Cypress Chairs Single Pole Umbrella
Cypress Tiki Hut in the Snow! Easy Maintenance - Just keep it out all year round!
  Tiki Hut in the Snow  

4' x 4' Cypress Tiki Hut and Pentagon in the Shop

Cypress Tiki Huts are designed to handle heavy rains and gale force winds. Each unit is made of high quality Cypress Wood and fresh cut Florida Sable Palms. Choose from a variety of Tiki Huts to help create your backyard paradise. Great for your home or business for tiki ambience and a Hawaiian type atmosphere.



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