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Portable Tiki Bar - $995.00+
Flat rate Shipping $325.00

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The Poolsider Tiki Bar has three main components - PVC frame, Bar Top & Shelf and Weaved Palapa roof. When disassembled, the entire package measures 72" x 30" x 7". This compact size lets you store it almost anywhere. It is easily transported in most SUV's. It may even fit in cars with a fold down rear seat. It is truly unique in that nothing about it looks portable, even though it sets up and dismantles in 10 minutes. *Bar stools not included. Basic Model is shown.

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Our Tiki Bar is totally unique and is the most portable tiki bar you will find. Nothing about it looks portable, even though it sets up and dismantles in 10 minutes.

All of our bars now include an upgraded natural reed skirt with vinyl backing.


Tiki Bar Specifications

Overall assembled specifications:
  • Bar Surface - 60" x 24 " (5 feet by 2 feet)
  • Storage shelf - 48" x 18" and provides 14" of height
  • Standard Bar Height from floor of 43"
  • Overall height to peak of roof - 84"
  • Roof Panels - 72 " x 60" (Folds to 72" x 30" for transport)
  • Weight - Approx. 75 lbs


Basic Package

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Weaved Palapa Palm Roof

The Weaved Palapa Palm gives an attractive appearance. It holds up to constant handling and does not shed due to the intricate weave of the palm fronds.

Bar Shelves

The storage shelf measures 48" x 18" to provide plenty of space to store your favorite cocktails, mixers, ice bucket and other Tiki Bar essentials. It is located at just the right height for convenience and positioned to handle standard 1.75 liter bottles.

Bar Top

The bar top measures 60" x 24" and is made from 1/2" cabinet grade birch laminated plywood. Edges are expertly trimmed with corner molding. The entire bar top is finished with 3 coats of exterior grade polyurethane.


Furniture Grade PVC Frame

The structural portion of the bar is made from white furniture grade PVC pipe and special fittings that resemble bamboo nodules. Eight pre-assembled sections slip together and interlock to create our unique design bar frame that is easy to assemble and disassemble



Natural Reed Bar Skirt with Vinyl Backing

The skirt has natural reed sewn to a pliable and waterproof vinyl backing material to create a durable product well suited for transporting the Tiki Bar and subjecting it to constant set up and disassembly. It nicely trims the reed edges and completely eliminates the view of products and supplies stored behind the Tiki Bar. The skirt attaches easily and quickly with velcro straps.

PVC Bamboo Uprights

The roof uprights are covered with a unique PVC bamboo having the look and feel of real bamboo adding to the overall aesthetics of the bar.


The footrest is an integral part of the interlocking Tiki Bar frame and is wrapped with "unmanila" rope. The unmanila rope is a man-made product that looks just like natural manila rope, but will not discolor or mildew

Power Cord

A power cord is pre-installed into the roof uprights for any of our lighting options or ready for you to add your own theme lighting. This is also useful to provide power for electrical devices without messy electrical cords hanging over the bar top.


*Bar Stools are not included
*Shipping costs not included and will be added to your cart. Some items require a shipping quote. We ship only to the contiguous United States. This does not include Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada. Additional shipping charges may apply. You will be contacted if your location requires an additional charge due to shipping "dead zones". There is a $125.00 crating charge if you choose to use your own UPS account for The Portable Tiki Bar.


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