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Assorted Tiki Bars & Huts 

A Tiki Bar is an artifact of Tiki culture, often of Mid 20th Century origin, wherein you can enjoy a momentary escape from the cares of modern world into a neo-Polynesian setting of scowling gods, powerful rum drinks, and mood lit bamboo & tapa cloth seating.

Montego Bay Bar South Pacific Bamboo Tiki Bar

Portable Tiki Bar

Pentagon Tiki Bar
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Portable Tiki Bar

Bamboo 3 Piece Tiki Bar 4' x 4' Cypress Tiki Hut  3 Piece Set with Bamboo Tiki Bar

With Options

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Outdoor Portable Bar

4' x 8' Cypress Tiki Hut

PETMATE 290080 Fatc Kitty Kahuna Tiki

3 Piece Set with Bamboo Tiki Bar

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Outdoor Bar Stool Home Style Bali Hai 3-Piece

Tiki Bar

Fat Cat Kitty Kahuna Lounge
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12 ft Mexican Palm Round 4 Post Tiki Island Tiki Bamboo Bar with Two Stools. 4 Pc Bar Table w Umbrella and Bar Chairs

Bamboo Tiki Bar


Tiki Bar 360 Degree - Tropical Kiosk Tiki Portable Bar with Bar Stools and side table 12ft X 24ft Mexican Palm Oval Tiki Hut Palapa Kit. Hospitality Rattan Polynesian Indoor Bar


Table Top Tiki Hut Tiki Bar Neon Sign Set /2 Mask Guitar Plaques Home Styles Bali Hai Outdoor Bar

Tiki Bar Neon Sculpture

AGED "TIKI BAR" SIGN HAND CARVED RAM 30 ft Outdoor Tiki Bar Chalkboard 8 Foot Deluxe Tropical Island Thatch Umbrella
Set of 3 Handcrafted Wooden 39 in. Plaques Table Top Tiki Hut 24 Foot Long Tiki Bar Raffia Fringe Tiki Hut Tropical Cocktail Bar Vintage.
Cedar Log Barstool 4 Tiki Tumblers Ceramic Hawaiian

International Caravan Palermo Outdoor Bar

Winsome Wood 24-Inch Beveled Seat Back.





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